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Tourist train which provides maximum comfort to the passengers, it is characterised by silent and environment-friendly operation and its season may last for a whole year.

This model finds its application in many different places. When operating in the city, the passengers will appreciate the comfort and the people around will welcome the silent operation. It is perfect for routes through forest and natural areas thanks to the environment-friendly drive. If the trailers are glazed and equipped with diesel heating, it ensures a year-round operation, and thanks to that also the earlier return on investment. The tractor VIGO 2 can be supplemented with one or two trailers with a capacity ranging from 29 to 35 passengers per trailer. Thanks to that, the owner of the train can customize the whole set according to his wishes.

Technical parameters

Model Tourist train Vigo 2
Type of engine IVECO, 105 kW
Fuel diesel, LPG, CNG, electric drive
Max. rate of climb of the set 12 %
Max. of the transported people 44 - 70 persons
Weight 10 500 kg
Length / height / width 18,0 m / 2,3 m / 1,9 m
Max. speed 25 km/h
Radius 8,25 m
Emission group Euro 6

Additional equipment

A wide range of accessories and equipment allows you to equip the train exactly to suit your and your passengers’ needs. We manufacture custom-made trains, according to the customers’ wishes to their maximum satisfaction.


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