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Tourist electric train ELZA is a great choice for customers who require emission-free and reliable operation. This train is built on a chassis of a commercial vehicle Zebra which ensures a very good battery capacity and excellent driving range. The tractor is designed for a heavy load and can easily run up a hill with a climb rate up to 12 % even with full trailers. Two trailers, with a capacity of 20 passengers each, can be open, glazed or covered with sheets.

This train is suitable for natural areas or city centers where the requirements for eco-friendly operation are increasingly more strict.

Technical parameters

Model Tourist train Elza
Type of engine 2 x 30 kW or 4 x 30 kW, BLDC lowspeed
Fuel electric drive
Range at least 180 km
Battery capacity 6 x 10.8 kW
Battery type Li-ion, individual regulation of a battery discharge rate on request also LIFEPO 4 or lead-acid traction battery or HE3DA
Charging charging panel (230 V)
Charging time within 3 hours on 80 %, 6 hours until full charge
Max. rate of climb of the set 12 %
Max. of the transported people 40 adult persons in 2 trailers
Weight 5 710 kg including persons
Length / height / width cca. 15 m / 2,1 m / 1,6 m
Max. speed 25 km/h
Radius 5,7 m

Additional equipment

A wide range of accessories and equipment allows you to equip the train exactly to suit your and your passengers’ needs. We manufacture custom-made trains, according to the customers’ wishes to their maximum satisfaction.


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