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Tourist train Mount – that is a strong and powerful train, which can handle any hill and can take the set easily even into less accessible places. In case there is a part of the road with bigger climb rate, the train Mount is the right choice. The tractor made from Zetor tractor is a great help for these more demanding trips. For summer operation, the trailers can do without glazing, and for a year-round operation, they can be equipped with windows or retractable sheets. The train Mount can serve as a transport in ski areas thanks to the installation of diesel heating and ski racks. In summer months it is a great vehicle for transport of tourists even in mountain areas.

Technical parameters

Model Tourist train Mount
Type of engine Zetor 64,4 kW, 4x4
Fuel diesel
Max. rate of climb of the set 16 %
Max. of the transported people 58 - 70 persons
Weight 11 500 kg
Length / height / width 18,2 m / 2,5 m / 2,1 m
Max. speed 25 km/h
Radius 8,25 m
Emission group STAGE IIIB

Additional equipment

A wide range of accessories and equipment allows you to equip the train exactly to suit your and your passengers’ needs. We manufacture custom-made trains, according to the customers’ wishes to their maximum satisfaction.


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