About us

“Tourist trains from us – joy for you”
The company FUN RIDES TECH s.r.o. is occupied with production of trackless trains and funny attractions. The products of its stand out by high quality craft treatment, by high technical level and satisfy all of requirements on the safe transport of the people. The company offers complete locksmith works and paintings works – all of it in its own sheds in village Bílovice and Zdětín near to the city Prostějov.


What can we do for you

  • We offer full service connected with the purchase and operation of the train.
  • We draw up a project for operation of the train.
  • We calculate the return on investments.
  • We can advice and help you obtain the operating authorisation.

  • The trains are reliable and built on chassis which is suitable for the given load.
  • The trains are characterised by long service life and are easy to maintain and operate. The manufacturing is customized, we make also atypical models adapted to the needs of a given area.
  • The safety of passengers is our number one priority. We closely cooperate with Dekra testing facility and the Ministry of Transport.
  • We provide complete consultancy with regard to the operation.

Who we are

Stanislav Režný executive director, production manager mob. +420 603 254 439 s.rezny@funridestech.eu
Ing. Darina Režná operating manager mob. +420 607 092 040 d.rezna@funridestech.eu