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Small, yet strong and powerful train, perfect for zoological gardens. This train finds its application also in many other places and can climb a hill with a climb rate up to 16 % thanks to a powerful engine from a small tractor. In addition, it has a small turning radius and narrow roads are no problem for this train.

This train attracts children and adults to its look. It is possible to adapt the colour of the bodywork for example to colours of the city, or to provide a sticker with an imitation of animal fur, so that the train perfectly complements the environment among animals.

One to three small trailers with a capacity of 12 passengers per each will be useful for small groups of tourists. In some places, it is difficult to provide sufficient occupancy of the trailers. It is therefore necessary to wait for more people interested in taking the ride to gather, and that sometimes invokes grumpiness in the passengers. The advantage of smaller trailers is the possibility to fully occupy them by small number of passengers and go the route several times an hour. This ensures sufficient yield of the train and the initial investment will return sooner to its owner.

Technical parameters

Model Tourist train Tom
Type of engine Kohler, 42 HP, 4x4
Fuel petrol, diesel, LPG
Max. rate of climb of the set 12 %
Max. of the transported people 36 persons per 3 trailers
Weight 5 360 kg
Length / height / width 15,9 m / 2,2 m / 1,4 m
Max. speed 25 km/h
Radius 5,5 m
Emission group STAGE IIIA, STAGE V

Additional equipment

A wide range of accessories and equipment allows you to equip the train exactly to suit your and your passengers’ needs. We manufacture custom-made trains, according to the customers’ wishes to their maximum satisfaction.


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