Vigo 2

This land train is possible to consider like a „flagship“ of the production. It is characterized by high comfort, by possibility of alternative drive and by variability of rendition. For this model is possible to order a diesel heating in the trailers. The train VIGO is determined for center of city, ZOO, amusement parks, areas with higher temperatures (seaside areas), national parks, transport to the castles and palaces. This train is approved for traffic on public roads.

Model Trackless train FRT VIGO 2
Type of engine in truck IVECO, 105 kW, 350 Nm
Fuel diesel, LPG, CNG, Electric drive
Max. rate of climb of the set 12 %
Max. of the transported people 44 - 70 adult persons
Weight with people 10 500 kg
Length/height/width 18,1 m / 2,5 m / 2,0 m
Max. speed 25 km/h
Radius 6,5 m
Emissions group EUR 6