Tourist train Tschu-Tschu (2-318)

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A road train from German manufacturer Tschu-Tschu with Nissan Patrol engine. The set was made in 1993 and yet it is in an excellent technical condition. In 2019 the cylinder head was replaced. The former owner has performed complete maintenance annualy.

The set has done 500 000 km. Two trailers with the overall capacity of 54 passengers are covered with Plexiglas. The train is approved for operation in road traffic.

Technical parameters

Model Tschu-Tschu
Manufacturer Tschu-Tschu Bahn GmBH, Germany
Type of engine Nisan Patrol
Year of the production 1993
Number of travelled km 500 000
Number of trailers 2
Max. of the transported people 54
Max. rate of climb of the set 12 %
Weight 6 600 kg
Length 19,3 m
Front drive permanently 4x4
Emission group Euro 2
Condition The vehicle is approved for operation in road traffic.
Defects and deficiencies Without defects. Two years ago new engine head.

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