Tourist train KW-01 (2-339)

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The KW-01 tourist train with an ISUZU engine has two trailers, each for 35 people, and it is possible to transfer 2 passengers in the tractor. The tractor was rebuilt in 2019. The set can handle an incline of 12 %.

The train cannot be approved for operation on public roads in the Czech Republic.

Technical parameters

Model KW-01
Type of engine ISUZU JX493ZQ, 2771 cm3, 62 kW
Year of the production Tractor 2012, conversion 2019, completion 2024
Number of travelled km 45 000
Number of trailers 1, trailer FRT V35, year of manufacture 2006
Max. of the transported people 35 persons
Weight with people 11 500 kg
Max. rate of climb of the set 12 %
Front drive yes
Length / height / width 18 m / 2,3 m / 2,35 m
Condition The train is not approved for operation in road traffic.
Defects and deficiencies The tractor has a new body and other new parts. The engine part is original, in good condition. The trailer has been fully inspected and all parts are functional.
Location Czechia
Manufacturer unknown, completion by KAMANDR WHEEL s.r.o.
Fuel diesel

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